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Emmanuel Bates Communications is an asset to Dattner Dispoto and Associates as much today as it has been since the year 2000. Based in Hollywood, our company is one of the world’s leading talent agencies, representing the world's best "below-the-line" artisans. The list of honors our clients have won over the last decade is as long as it is impressive. It includes Oscar winners and continues to grow each year. With inspiration and perspiration, EBcoms has made an invaluable contribution to our position in the industry.          

                         -- Fay Dattner
      President, www.ddatalent.com

Meredith's thoughtful creativity and ability to make our company's mission into her own, has been invaluable. Her expertise and knowledge of marketing, branding and public relations has helped to not only put Swingset Press on the proverbial map, but has gone to great lengths to ensure that we stay there. I'm quite certain that if Meredith had done PR for Jesus, the entire world would be Christian! (Okay, the last sentence may be a tad over the top.)

-- Ron Solomon
President, Swingset Press



No one understands how cinema journalism and the craft of cinematography intersect as well as Meredith Emmanuel and her team. Meredith knows all of the relevant film magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites and podcasts worldwide, and the editors and writers who work for them. I have had the pleasure to work with Meredith now for over a decade, and I can’t speak highly enough of the excellent job she has done advocating for me.

                     --- Sam Levy
                     Director of Photography

Thanks so much ... it was good working together ... everything was so well organized.

-- Dick Clark
Dick Clark productions


Writes good, concise and witty copy... [Meredith's work is] ideal for the communications industry.        

           -- Bob Hudson
Australian Broadcasting Commission


Demonstrates an ever-present capacity for organization and PR ... ability to create an overall scheme and to also focus on minute details ... dynamic!

-- Karen Healey
Coordinator, Group Homes for the
Intellectually Disabled

Most efficient and creative PR - with the media.                      

-- Gary Morris
Manager, Midnight Oil 

Organized my project with great efficiency, which presumably comes from her years of media experience.

-- Mike Batt

With our company based in England, it gives us peace of mind to know that for the past 13 yaers EBComs has been on the job for us across the globe.  We rely on them to deliver a complete service, on time and to budget. Thanks guys!

 -- Gerry Easter
Managing Director
Creative media Marketing Ltd

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